Is your carpet soaked with rainwater? Call us today to get your carpet cleaned and restored without any hassles;

Carpets that are soaked in rainwater are perfect breeding ground for molds and mildews. Cleaning wet carpets that are indoors is a hassle as it absorbs moisture and does not dry very easily. If the carpet is movable then paddings can be easily removed, cleaned and reinstalled. However, if the padding is saturated with rainwater, it should be removed and cleaned with the help of professionals. If the saturated carpet along with its padding is left unattended for a long amount of time, it emits bad odor due to growth of microorganisms. Get your carpets cleaned by Carpet Cleaning to get them restored as good as new.

Restore Your Rain Soaked Carpets
Restore Your Rain Soaked Carpets

Whenever your carpet is soaked with rainwater and is water damaged, contact us at Water Damage Restoration Melbourne and do the following;

Whenever your carpets are saturated with rainwater, get them restored in no time by getting our professional help. Our trained professionals are experts in analyzing the situation and recommending suitable remedial measures. Moreover, our team of experts are well equipped with the latest cleaning equipment to provide you best cleaning solutions. The carpets that are rain-soaked are professionally cleaned and sanitized to prevent the spread of infections. Furthermore, the carpets are dried using hi-tech equipment that provides guaranteed quick turnaround time.

Our cleaning technology used at Carpet Cleaning;

The carpets that are damaged due to excessive rainwater should be given utmost priority and should be cleaned by professionals. Our team of experts are qualified in handling carpets damaged by rainwater with utmost priority by professional groomers. They ensure that your carpets are cleaned, restored and dried as quickly as possible. Our expert team of professionals follow a set of protocols in a chronological order to restore your water-soaked carpets;

  • The professionals from Carpet Cleaning perform a visual inspection of the rain-soaked and water damaged carpets to provide an evaluation report to the customer.
  • The flooring and area surrounding the carpet are inspected for water damage.
  • If the flooring underneath the carpet is damaged due to rainwater, the carpet is removed and the floor should be allowed to dry.
  • The carpet is checked for water damage and necessary steps are carried out to ensure that they can be restored.
  • The excess moisture from the carpets are absorbed for application of appropriate cleaning solutions.
  • The carpet is preconditioned for cleaning by application of home-friendly cleaning agents.
  • The carpet is rinsed using steam vacuums to kill any organisms that may exist in your moisture soaked carpets.
  • Post rinsing, special conditioning agents are applied to restore and maintain the color of your expensive carpets.

Tips to control the black water damage before we reach;

  • Though our team of experts are available on your beck and call, as a customer it is advised to follow a set of procedures that can be useful in containing the damage.
  • Check the source of water leakage and shut the windows tight to prevent water from entering your home.
  • If the flooding is due to water leakage from ceilings or other sources, the area should be evacuated and cordoned off.
  • If the flooring beneath your carpet is wood, the carpet must be removed and the flooring must be allowed to dry.
  • Prevent kids and pets from accessing the area to prevent the risk of infection.
Restore Your Rain Soaked Carpet Service
Restore Your Rain Soaked Carpet Service

Why should you hire us?

If you hire professionals from Squeaky Clean Carpet proficient in water damage restoration Melbourne, you can be assured about the following;

  • A professional and customized cleaning solution
  • Hi-tech deep cleaning experience
  • 100% quality and guaranteed service
  • Round the clock cleaning service
  • Top-quality sanitization and color restoration for your expensive carpets

Keep a note of Squeaky Clean Carpet, so that you can contact us when you need to get your carpet restored from rainwater damage.

Knowing the different carpet issues and the need to provide high-quality services led Jack to create Squeaky Clean Carpet. He, along with his team of incredibly talented cleaning professionals, ensure that they offer top-quality carpet cleaning services. With exceptional services, they have quickly become a favourite of the customers in the area.