Has your carpet been affected by any kind of water leakage, flood, or a storm? In such a case it is very important to act on the wet carpet as soon as possible to avoid making your carpet irreparable. It is not just the water that you need to get rid of but you also have to make your carpet hygienic and healthy.

Wet carpet, if left untreated, can lead to delamination of carpet. If this happens, the latex glue breaks down and causes ripples in the carpet. You will observe that the carpet fibers will dry on their own in case of a minor damage but the subfloor and the underlay will retain moisture and cause problems in long run.

So what to do in case of a wet carpet?

Initial Steps for Minor Damage

If only a small carpet area has been affected by water then it is easier to handle. Just pull back the carpet and lift the underlay. This increases airflow and helps in carpet drying. Please make sure not to lift the underlay more than a foot otherwise you won’t be able to relay it on your own. Use a pedestal fan to create more airflow in the room. Also you can turn on the air conditioner as it will suck out moisture from the carpet and make the environment a little more dry.

If at any stage you sense any fungal/mould growth or notice any odour or itchy eyes/running nose in any of your loved ones then immediately call experts for carpet water damage restoration.

Minor and Major Damage Carpet in Melbourne

Minor and Major Damage Carpet in Melbourne

Initial Steps for Major Damage

In case of major damage to your carpet you probably need professional intervention. Professional experts can save your carpet from serious water damage because it requires technical expertise and proper tools. Call carpet water damage restoration experts from your locality as soon as possible to save your carpet!

The key to saving a wet carpet is to act immediately. The quickly a wet carpet is attended, the more chances it has of survival.