Water or flood damage is quite common in areas where seasonal rain and storms occur. People who live in these places are familiar with water or flood damage to their property. The most unfortunate thing about the flood damage is that the water hits the floor first, where our carpet is settled. Flood water contains bacteria, which contaminates the carpet, after the damage the carpet is not only wet but it becomes contaminated. If the water is not removed from the carpet quickly, the bacteria will become more strong and chances of mould infestation increases. Once the mould infestation starts, it’s impossible to do the carpet water damage restoration. In order to save your carpet, you need to act fast, you need to clear water from the carpet and clean the carpet as well.

In this blog, you’ll read steps to reverse the carpet water damage, we have concluded the best method of carpet water extraction and wet carpet cleaning. Stick with the paragraph in order to learn more about the carpet water damage restoration process.

Flood Damaged Carpet
Flood Damaged Carpet

Dry The Carpet First.

Drying the carpet is important, to ensure that your carpet won’t become a breeding ground for bacteria. Start from the beginning, here’s the step to dry your carpet first.

  • If there is still water inside the room, cut off the electricity supply, water conducts electricity. It can be very dangerous to step in the room when there is still water, so cut off the electricity first.
  • Look for the source of water, if the carpet damage is because of the flood, then wrap the carpet and keep it in a dry place. If the source of water is something else then find the source and prevent it from further spreading. Sometimes sewage water reaches to the carpet and contaminates it, in this case, the carpet can not be saved, you need to get rid of your carpet. However, leaking water is not a problem, this type of carpet water damage can be restored.
  • Get a wet carpet cleaner and remove excess water from the carpet and turn on the dehumidifier, ventilate the area, turn on the fan. Try to remove water as much as you can, if the quantity of water is high, use a water pump to evacuate water, then dry the carpet.
  • If you see the carpet damage is extensive and you alone can’t handle it, then it’s wise to call professionals. As they will be able to handle the situation more proficiently.

Avoid Doing This In Case Of Heavy Carpet Water Damage.

People sometimes do half work which results in several problems, so here are the things which you should avoid while carpet water damage restoration.

  • If you’re clearing the water from the carpet, do it properly, if you leave the carpet damp, there will be a risk of mould growth, which can be really problematic. So don’t stop until you’re completely done.
  • If you don’t have the idea what you have to do or any prior experience of cleaning, you attempt to do the work. Seek professional help in this case, or you may make the problem bigger.
  • Do not blindly follow any DIY approach as it may damage the carpet fabric or make the carpet look faded. Carefully examine everything and use only commercial product which is suitable for carpet.
Carpet Water Damage Restoration
Carpet Water Damage Restoration

Why Choose Squeaky Clean Carpet?

Keep all these precautions into consideration and avoid damaging your carpet, it would be better if you call a professional carpet cleaning company. They’re well-versed with these types of work, the experts comes with necessary tools and equipment. They can do the work in less time and use fewer resources. Squeaky Clean Carpet is a renowned carpet water damage restoration professional company, we provide all-round carpet water damage restoration services to all our clients.

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