When dealing with nail polish spill on your carpet keep in mind that it needs to be worked upon as soon as possible. You need to have patience because this is a complicated task and will require time. You just need a clear nail polish remover (or acetone) to do the job.

Note: DO NOT use coloured nail polish remover as it may cause another stain on the carpet. 

Here are the steps:

  • If the nail polish is still wet then you use a knife/spoon to scrape it off as much as possible. But be careful not to spread the stain.
  • Take a white cloth (or a terry towel) to blot the stain. Do not rub it and keep blotting till you see no further colour transfer to the cloth.
  • Take another piece of cloth and dip it in nail polish remover/acetone and blot the stain again. Use your finger and roll it over the stain. Keep repeating the stain with clean pieces of cloth for complete polish stain removal. This process is time taking and you need to work hard to remove one single stain.
  • Take dishwashing solution and dip a sponge in it. Blot the stain again to remove any remaining nail polish from the carpet.
  • Use paper towels to blot up the dishwashing solution.
  • Use fresh water to get rid of dishwashing solution and dry the carpet.
  • Use a fan to speed up carpet drying.
CAUTION: Do not use excess nail polish remover/acetone as it may lead to delamination or bleaching. Also if you have a colour carpet, then test for colour fastness first. If the colour is fading then call in professionals otherwise you may continue using the stain removing process.

Also, at times it is impossible to completely get rid of the nail polish stain but the above process will definitely faint the stain.