Does Your Team Use Specialized Equipment for Extraction and Drying of Carpet?

Yes, absolutely! Our team uses specialized equipment for extraction and drying of carpets. We have all the latest equipment and tools. We have the proficiency to expertly clean all sorts of wet carpets with our best Squeaky Clean Carpet equipment and eradicate the situations where dangerous bacteria are formed and then cause health problems to […]

Fantastic Carpet Cleaning Services

Hired this amazing carpet cleaning services of Squeaky Clean Carpet and got the best results. They steam cleaned my carpets thoroughly and their price was affordable too. They did an excellent job on the same day of booking. Best Carpet Cleaning company i have encountered yet. Highly recommendable.

Do you Guarantee your Carpet Repair Services?

Yes, we at Squeaky Clean Carpet guarantee on all our carpet repair services. We have been providing the best carpet repairing services for many years. And now we have years of expertise in our profession.

What is your carpet flood water damage restoration process?

Firstly our team will get involved in the removal of all the items present that have been damaged by stormwater on the carpet. After this, your wet carpet will then be subjected to rigorous carpet flood water extraction and then be disinfected before being thoroughly cleaned for successful removal of germs and destructive bacteria. We […]

Are your Cleaners Well Certified and Insured?

Yes, all our cleaners are completely insured and certified. Squeaky Clean Carpet hires only certified cleaners. Squeaky Clean Carpet love to provide security to customers so that they can rely on our services without any second thought. We have well trained and experienced cleaners who provide quality Carpet Cleaning Services to our clients in Melbourne. […]

Can you do onsite curtain cleaning without removing the curtains?

Yes. If you want onsite curtain cleaning then our team will do exactly the way you want your curtains to be cleaned. We work as per the customer demand. And if you don’t want to get your curtains removed, then we will come over and clean your curtains while they keep hanging at their original […]

Can you remove stains completely from my curtains?

Yes, our cleaners do a pre-treatment of the curtains for effective stain removal. We can remove stains completely from your curtains with our best curtain cleaning solution. The choice depends on the curtain fabric and the extent of cleaning required. After the cleaning process, we even deodorize your curtains and give them back a new […]

Do you use Chemical free solution for curtain cleaning?

At squeaky Clean Carpet, we use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions which are completely safe. Our team of professionals will handle your curtains with a lot of care. They will make sure that no solution should harm your curtains. We guarantee no damage or shrinkage to your curtains. So, you can call us and avail our […]

Is it necessary to hire a professional for curtain cleaning?

Sometimes you cannot remove the dirt and bacteria present in your curtains on your own so you need to hire a professional for it. Your curtains act like air filters that absorb airborne particles, dust and odours. This results in damaging the fabric and original colour of the curtains, besides acting as an abode of […]

Can we avail your curtain cleaning service on weekends too?

Yes, we believe that many of our clients don’t find time on weekdays so our team of professionals do provide curtain cleaning service on weekends and not only on weekend but on public holidays too. We work round the clock. You can call us on any day at any time our team will be at […]