Squeaky Clean Carpet is a reputed and reliable name for the services of pest control. We are in the pest control industry for 25 years and during this long period of service, our team has been able to successfully serve the customers with the qualitative service of their choice in various cities and suburbs of Australia. We are in this field with a motive to give risk-free living and working place to our customers.

Pest Control Melbourne
Pest Control Melbourne

Local Pest Controllers Team of Melbourne

Understanding the interest and choice of our customers of having pest control services by local pest controllers, we render such professionals who can understand your pest issues and yourself better than anyone else. Our Local Pest Controllers are equally trained and experienced at their work so you will not find any difference of quality in the service.

Types of Services We Offer in Melbourne

We offer pest control services for most of the homely pest which becomes a reason for different types of damages and health issues.

The Following Services are Available With Us:

  • Mosquito pest control
  • Wasp pest control and Wasp nest removal
  • Housefly pest control
  • Cockroach pest control
  • Spider removal
  • Moth control
  • Tick extermination
  • Rodent control
  • Flea control
  • Pre-purchase pest inspection
  • Domestic pest control
  • Commercial pest control
  • Restaurant pest control
  • Emergency pest control services
  • Same day pest control service
  • Silverfish control
Silverfish Pest Control Melbourne
Silverfish Pest Control Melbourne

Our Pest Control Methods

Squeaky Clean Carpet use the following methods for treating the pest and making them away forever. Our methods are well analyzed and tested and that is why they are certain to give successful results.

(A). Pesticides Spray

After the inspection of the infested area, our professional gets ready with the requirements of the pesticides spray method. The requirements include the spray machine, the pesticides tank connected with the spray machine. The spray of the pesticides at the place effectively kill them or force them to get out of their hideout place, resulting in a pest-free house.

(B). Fumigation Method

This method is done with the help of fumigating machine which runs on petrol. There is a small tank at the back end of the machine which is a storage place for the chemicals which forms the smoke when the machine is started. The fumes can reach to the corner and the hideouts where a man cannot reach which add on to its effectivity. This process is more effective for the flying pests like mosquitoes and house fly etc.

(C). Heat Treatment

This is an old method to control the pest, you might have seen people burning husks and straw to get away the mosquitoes and for moving out the rodents, but this was not much effective. Improvising the process with the advancement of technology, Squeaky Clean Carpet can produce the heat of high temperature which will be out of pests ability to bear. So the pests are left with only two choices either get killed inside the house or move out. When they come out we keep ourselves ready to kill them.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial places are often large and have a lot of places which can be occupied by the pests. Pest Control Melbourne team has been specially made keeping in mind the commercial areas. We know that the commercial areas cannot be handled by all the companies. The areas include the school, college and university buildings, malls, banks and companies building etc. Our pest controllers are well known to the pests which would be residing at your place and knows the effective methods for treating them.

Residential Pest Control

Residential areas like housing accommodation and the hospital wards have places and objects which attracts the pest. The presence of pest can ruin the whole environment at these places where we need a peaceful and pacific condition.  To give effective service and relief to our customers we have dedicated team Pest Control Melbourne which is primarily focussed to give service in the residential area.

Restaurant Pest Control

The presence of food materials, spillage of food and leftover food dumping are certainly going to attract pests. You can not ignore them because it can lead to pest infestation and become a reason for ruining your business. So get pest control Melbourne team at your service on time to avoid such irregularities and run your restaurant in the best manner.

Same Day Pest Control Service

Squeaky Clean Carpet has the availability of pest control service on the same day of booking. We know the concerns of our customers and the havoc which are created by the pests. So, keeping it in mind we started this exclusive service. Our team is always ready with the requirements (equipment and pesticides) of an effective pest control service on a mobile van. We send our team as soon as possible after we get the call for the service. Our same day service has helped a lot of customers by rescuing them from pest infestation.

Affordable Pest Control Service Melbourne
Affordable Pest Control Service Melbourne

Affordable Pest Control Service

There are many competitors in the market of pest control but no one can beat us with the price range and related service. We are on top of the list of the companies which provide pest control service at such affordable rates. In no way, we compromise with the quality of the service keeping the prices low. We are known for our perfect combination of price and service in Melbourne.

Why Choose Squeaky Clean Carpet for Pest Control

Squeaky Clean Carpet, with its continuous and dedicated service has been able to serve its customers the way they wanted. The following reason made us to serve our customers and become their choice whenever they needed the pest control service.

  • Same Day Service availability
  • Eco-friendly pesticides use
  • Highly trained, experienced and professional pest controllers
  • Local pest controllers
  • Adoption of improvised and tested methods
  • Coverage area for the service and reaching on time for the service
  • Dedicated team for the service depending upon the area.
  • Customer care support is available 24*7 hours to listen to your queries
  • Giving prime concern to customers by solving the query as soon as possible.

These reasons makes us the unique, different and most preferred choice for our customers.


Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia