Steam cleaning is an effective type of cleaning which will completely remove the dirt and debris from the carpet. Even deep dirt and dust also removed from the same day carpet cleaning Melbourne. You just require a steam cleaning machine, water, and liquid detergent or soap to start the steam cleaning process.

To start with, just fill the machine with warm water and the required amount of soap or liquid and pull or push the machine to start cleaning. Before you start the process, read the user manual carefully and start using the machine. First, start in the corners of the room before making long strips. Let the carpet to dry completely, switch the fans to dry.

Here are The Detailed Directions to Steam Clean The Carpet:

Move The Furniture

Before you start the process of cleaning remove everything from the place including furniture, toys, clutters and other things. Move out the chairs, tables, lamps and other décor items from the room. Clear as much as possible things to ensure perfect same day carpet cleaning Melbourne.

You cannot move furniture which is heavy, in such case, insert a wax paper, wood blocks or foil at the bottom of the furniture to prevent them from moisture. It is very difficult to clean the carpet if you leave the furniture inside the room. If you feel difficult to move the furniture out make a room into two separate sections, first clean the first part of the room, after getting dry move the furniture to the first part and start with the second part.

Carpet Cleaning Solutions Melbourne
Carpet Cleaning Solutions Melbourne

Use a Steam Cleaner

When you run the steam cleaner, you have great chances of disturbing the dust at the baseboards. Clean the ceiling fans and ceiling corners before starting the same day carpet cleaning Melbourne, therefore, the dust will not fall on the carpet while the steam cleaner in running.

Before steam cleaning, vacuum the Carpet to remove hairs and dirt particles because steam cleaning just pulls the small dirt settled down on the carpet. They will not remove the larger dirt particles; therefore vacuum the entire room at least twice or thrice to get perfect clean by removing larger debris and other dust particles. For extra perfect same day carpet cleaning Melbourne, use nozzle attachment to clean the baseboards and room edges. Vacuum the fluffs of the carpets, this will allow the steam cleaner to clean the fibers even better.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne
Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Use Stain Remover

After vacuuming the entire surface, use stain remover or other detergent liquids to remove the stubborn stains. as the steam cleaners never remove the deep and stubborn stains, it is good to soak the stains before applying steams on it.

Use liquid detergents or stain remover to blot the stains if you prefer any homemade solution it is really good! Because you’ll avoid harsh chemical touch on the carpet. Take a neat cloth and blot the stains and soak it for 60 minutes before you run the steamer machine on it. Keep in mind never scrub the stain while dabbing with cloth, there is a chance of stains spreading deeper into the carpet. For better clean up follow the label instructions given by the manufacturer.