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How To Make A Carpet Cleaning Solution?

Usually, everyone would know the fact that carpet cleaning is a very essential and important thing to do quite often. But then can everyone spend time in searching for the product and money in buying the product? Are you aware with the fact that cleaning solutions can be done at home and can be used in any of the cleaning machines to clean the carpet?

There are different types of carpet cleaning solutions that will help you to get rid of light stains and deep stains as well. Here are few carpet cleaning solutions that can be used in shampooing machine or any other machine used for carpet cleaning,

  1.    Using liquid laundry detergent, liquid all-purpose cleaning solution, OxiClean, fabric softener and hot water will help you as both of the carpet cleaning solution and carpet conditioning solution. Mix equal quantities of OxiClean, fabric softener and hot water, one excessive part of liquid laundry detergent and a few drops of all purpose cleaning solution. Use this cleaning solution to clean the carpets. It not only cleans the carpets completely but also conditions the carpet in a proper manner.

    Best Carpet Cleaner Melbourne
    Best Carpet Cleaner Melbourne
  1.    If you are worried about the pet stains and kids’ stains, then you will have to use non-toxic cleaning solutions to a maximum extent. Prepare a non-toxic Carpet Cleaning solution by mixing white vinegar, water, salt and essential oils. Mix one part of white vinegar, two parts of water, two spoons of salt and a few drops of any of the essential oils. Use this non-toxic cleaning solution to clean the stains that are caused by your pets or kids. As there are no chemicals added to this mixture, you can use it without any sort of hesitation and you can easily prepare this at home.
  1.    You can also make use of window cleaning solutions. All you need to do is mixing some amount of water with the window cleaning solution and then start using it to clean the carpets. Both are added in equal parts to the mixture. Using hot water for better results is advisable. You can use this cleaning solution not only for the carpets but also for furniture, care, and doors.
  1.    If the stains on your carpet are deep and stubborn, then you can make use of strong ammonia-based cleaning solution. Using ammonia will help you to clean the carpets more effectively and easily, but then you will have to be very careful while using this ammonia cleaning solution. Ammonia is corrosive in nature, you should be careful while using this. Use hand gloves and protective scarf while cleaning with ammonia. Mix ammonia, water, vinegar and liquid dishwashing powder and then use the solution to clean the carpets.

    Carpet Sanitising and Deodorising
    Carpet Sanitising and Deodorising
  1.    Using lemon and hydrogen peroxide will also help you to  The Best Carpet Cleaning effectively. The mixture of these two will give the best possible homemade cleaning solution. Add hydrogen peroxide with water in a container, add few drops of lemon to it and use it as a cleaning solution. This combination works great to clean the carpets.

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