No matter how much ever you be careful but these rats make their way to your place and ruin your peace of mind. They are the most irritating pests and treating them is the biggest challenge. Rats can damage almost everything including your clothes, food and furniture. Moreover, their presence causes various health issues to you and your family so it is very important to get rid of them as soon as possible you notice them around. Using chemicals for rat eradication can be dangerous and harmful instead you can use homely methods which are completely safe and effective. There are various natural remedies through which you can make your place rat-free.

Homely Methods For Rat Treatment
Homely Methods For Rat Treatment

Homely Methods For Rat Treatment

  1. Black Pepper:

    Black pepper is one amazing home remedy for rat control. The smell of black pepper is very strong and harms the lungs of rats. Accidentally if they inhale the smell of black pepper then it will directly affect their lungs and eventually, they die. You can get black pepper powder and place them in areas where these creepy rats are usually found or seen. 
  2. Fresh Onions:

    You can even use fresh onions to make these rats stay away from your place. All you have to do is take fresh onions and slice them up. After that, put them on the entrance of the holes of rats. Rats hate the smell of onions and will try to be away from that place. Make sure you are replacing the onion with a new one  on every alternate day as fresh onions will only work when it comes to rat control. 
  3. Peppermint Oil:

    Humans find peppermint smell as blissful but rats just cannot take it. They try to run hard the moment they get in contact with the smell of peppermint oil. For applying this solution, you should take some cotton balls and add 25 to 28 drops of peppermint oil to these cotton balls and put them on every corner of your home. This natural remedy works wonderfully to avoid these rats coming into your place. Follow this procedure regularly so that these rats never gets a chance to attack in your place. 
  4. Chopped Garlic:

    Garlic can be easily found in every kitchen and thus it can be used for controlling rats present in your place. You can take some fresh garlic and chop them properly after that and mix it with some water, later sprinkle that solution on the rats’ prone areas. The powerful odour of chopped garlic will drive the rats out of your place. While performing this task to ensure that your pets are away so that it doesn’t affect them. 
  5. Bay Leaves:

    Bay leaves is another best natural remedy when it comes to rat control. We use bay leaves to add flavour in our food but when rats eat it they get a choke and they die. So you can use this trick and keep the bay leaves in front of holes and places where these rats usually move.  Rats will find the leaves attractive and will consume it and then after some time, you will find them dead. 
  6. Cow Dung:

    Cow dung is also the best natural method to get rid of rats. You may not like the smell of cow dung but the fact is that it is very helpful in keeping the rats away from your premises. You can take some amount of cow dung and spread it over in your garden or attic. Rats will try to enter your place and will even eat the cow dung which is placed over. Their stomach will burn due to the cow dung and they will die. 
  7. Ammonia:

    There are many home remedies which help in killing in the rats but this solution will keep the rats away from your home. If you are irritated with rats and want an effective solution to save your home from these nasty creatures then take 2 cups of ammonia and then mix it with 2 spoons of detergent and some water. Later apply this solution to the places where rats usually approach. Rats don’t find the smell of ammonia solution good one and they will end up leaving the place as soon as possible. 
  8. Human Traps:

    Human traps are usually used by those people who don’t want to kill the rats instead want to catch them and leave them away from their place. Human traps are easily available in every store. You can get one and then place some food like potato or tomato inside the human trap and keep it in front of the rat holes overnight. Rats would desire to eat the food present in the human traps and will be imprisoned. Later you can leave them very far from your home or in some wild place so that they don’t come back.

Take the Help Of Professionals

If you see a sign of rats in your place and need professional help then get in touch with Squeaky Clean Carpet. We provide professional pest control services which even includes rat control service.

Our team of experienced pest controllers can treat all types of pests. We are even available for same-day pest control service. We use an Eco-friendly solution in our pest control procedure. With our service, your place will be completely free from rats.  So call us today to get the best and Safe Pest Control Treatment in Melbourne.

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