Blood stains are easy to eliminate when they are wet so ensure to work upon these stain as soon as possible. Here are the steps:

  • Take a white cloth/paper towelling to blot the blood. You just have to put pressure downwards on the stain and remember not to wipe from side to side.
  • Use cold water to rinse the damaged area and extract the blood. Use small quantities at a time to ensure the stain does not spread further. Rinse with cold water and then blot with white cloth. Keep repeating the process until you see blood stops transferring to the cloth.
  • Instead of using cloth to blot cold water, you can also use a wet-vac to suck the solution.
  • Take a little of dishwashing solution in cold water and use it on the blood stains. Then blot it up with the white cloth just like the last step. Do not rub hard otherwise the stain might go deep within the fibers of the carpet.
  • Use a thick towel to soak up extra water once you are done cleaning the stain.
  • If the blood stain still remains, try using a carpet stain remover.
  • Once done, use a fan to dry the carpet.
Get Rid Of Blood Stains From Carpet Melbourne

Get Rid Of Blood Stains From Carpet Melbourne

Soda water has also been considered a good option for cleaning blood stains from a carpet. The results of these processes depend on the carpet fiber, how much time the stain has been on the carpet, and certain other factors. But this method will definitely faint the stain mark. If this does not work, please call in carpet experts to do the job and save your carpet!

PS: Don’t clean blood stains without wearing gloves. Save yourself from transmission of blood-borne diseases.