Carpets are used to cover the floors of our offices and homes. Carpets enhance the overall appearance of our interiors by adding beauty and elegance to it. Carpets require routine cleaning and maintenance to keep them in good condition. Ignoring the routine cleaning of the carpet can result in damage and deterioration. Carpets are prone to the attack of dirt, dust and stains. Apart from these, water too can severely damage any carpet. Due to being porous in nature, any carpet can soak in copious amounts of water. 

Clean The Carpet After Water Damage

Collected water within the carpet will weaken the strength of carpet fibres which will lead to withering. Water will also compromise the carpet glue and carpet padding, requiring you to get carpet water damage restoration. It is highly suggested that you hire professional carpet cleaning services for the effective restoration of water damaged carpets. You can also restore the wet carpet and flow wet carpet cleaning asap in case of water damage in Melbourne.

We are providing you with some steps to restore and clean Water damaged carpets yourself. Remember this guide will help you restore less severe water damage. For severe water damage, you can hire our professional carpet cleaning services for water extraction and carpet drying.

Professionals will also deliver carpet sanitisation services to get rid of the germs and pathogens. If the carpet is attacked by black mould, professionals will follow carpet mould removal through commercial products and deep cleaning of the carpet.

Steps to Clean The Wet Carpet

  1. First, you need to find the source of damage and fix it asap to prevent flooding. Remove the carpet from the flooded flooring and put it under a fan. If the water is leaking from rooftops, fix the leakages and cracks. Failing to fix the flooding can further worsen the damage suffered by the carpet and will lead to the complete collapse of carpet installation.
  2. The next thing you need to do is dry the area of water damage. You can first use clothes or mops to clean the floors and absorb the water. Fans and heaters can also help dry the wooden floor very fast. Faster you get rid of flooded water, faster you will be able to clean the carpet and prevent further damage.
  3. Next important step is to sanitise the carpet and the floor or baseboard beneath it. Flood water can bring along many dangerous germs and pathogens and compromise the hygiene of the carpet. Presence of moisture will further promote the growth of germs and pathogens. You can use various disinfectants to treat the carpet and deliver carpet sanitisation. Commercial products and solutions will terminate the pathogens and effectively sanitise the carpet.
  4. Wet carpets can also stink and release a bad odour. This odour is produced by bacteria feeding on organic matter. Carpet deodorisation can be carried out using many commercial products and solvents. You can also use baking soda or white vinegar for carpet odour removal.
  5. Another big risk of having a wet carpet is mould formation. Water damaged carpets are always at a risk of mould attack. Balck mould is hazardous to human health and any exposure to it or its spores can lead to allergies and diseases. You can either buy anti-mould chemicals to get rid of black mould or hire professionals for carpet mould removal services.
  6. Now you need to remove all the absorbed water from the carpet. You can use heavy-duty fans and dehumidifiers to fasten the carp[et drying process. Heavily wet carpets can be cleaned by using wet vacuum cleaners which will extract the absorbed water. Open all the windows and let the airflow with ease within.
  7. If the carpet is still wet you can lift it up and put it under direct sunlight. Or you can hire professional carpet cleaners for carpet flood recovery and carpet water damage restoration Melbourne.
Clean The Wet Carpet

Whom to Trust

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