Tired of the stained carpets in the home? Wondering how to make your carpets long-lasting? Do the accidents often take place in your home that make the carpets dirty? If your answer to all these questions is a yes, fortunately, you have landed at the right place. Here we are going to discuss certain ways to keep your carpets clean by avoiding stains. Your carpets can actually last over a decade if you know how to keep the good care of them. Your carpets share a big part of your investment that needs proper care. With the regular tear and wear carpets get stained, and there are many ways to clean up the mess, but why cure, when you can prevent it? Read below and know the best ways for carpet stain protection.

Best Ways to Prevent Carpet From Stains

  • Get Your Carpets Anti-Stain Treated

    The first and foremost way to keep your carpets stain free is the application of stain resistant treatment or protectant. These stain protectants build a shield over the carpet fibre, that creates a protection against all kinds of stains. Carpet stain protection is as important as carpet stain removal. You can buy the Scotchgard stain protection spray from the market and apply on the carpet on your own. If not all, it will certainly give the protection against, most of the stains and dirt accumulation. Plus, this stain resistant spray makes the stain removal process much easier.

  • Regular Carpet Vacuuming and Cleaning

    Carpet Vacuuming and Cleaning Melbourne

    Carpet Vacuuming and Cleaning Melbourne

    Make sure to vacuum clean your carpet at least once in a week. Regular vacuuming ensures there is no build of dirt and debris into the carpet fibre. Vacuuming minimises the risk of the stain to become permanent. If not vacuumed on the regular basis, the dirt and the debris can damage the carpet fibre. Not only on carpet fibre, but the dirt, dust mites and other contaminants can leave bad effects on your health too. Any source of moisture in the room can also lead to mould growth on the carpet that can degrade the environment and cause serious health issues. But if you make sure to vacuum the carpeting once or twice a week, you can avoid such issues too.

  • Use Plastic Mats and Rugs on the Carpet

    Using the plastic mats and rugs on your carpet is a great way to avoid stains. These two things work as a protectant that helps to keep the stains at bay. Spreading the plastic runners and mats under the furniture and heavy foot-traffic area of your rooms will prevent heavy part of stains on your carpets.

  • Treat the Fresh Spills at the Earliest

    Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne

    Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne

    With kids, pets and even adults in the home, accidents on the carpeting become inevitable. But there is nothing much you can do to avoid them. But if you don’t want these stains to settle down inside the carpet fibre, taking immediate action can help. Make sure to treat the stains, as soon as the accident happens. The faster stain treatment will take place, the lesser the carpet fibre will get damaged.

These are some methods that can prevent your carpets from the future stains. But in case your carpet has got stained, and you are not sure whether the DIYs will work in the removal of stains, calling the professionals is always an option. Or you are looking for the professionals who can provide stain protection to your carpets, Squeaky Clean Carpet has the best solutions for you. Call us today and get your carpets protected against the stains.