Both carpet steam and carpet dry cleaning deliver can achieve effective results and the main difference is the amount of water used. However, the efficacy of both these methods depends majorly on the cleaner, cleaning equipment, and the cleaning solutions used.

Carpet steam cleaning makes use of hot water extraction method. In this process steam from hot water is infused into the layers of the carpet under high pressure. Afterwards water along with cleaning solution, dirt, contaminants is extracted from the carpet. Effective carpet steam cleaning also involves pre-treatment of the carpet stains with eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Carpet dry cleaning, on the other hands, uses pre-vacuuming to eliminate dry particles from the carpet. Then carpet dry cleaning solution is used to clean the carpet. This again comprises eco-friendly agents with no chemicals at all. This attacks the oil residues in the carpet that are responsible for holding dirt in the carpet fibres. Then cotton absorbent pads immersed in hot water and cleaning solution are used with rotary machine for elaborate cleaning.

Both carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning can have effective results only if they are performed by experienced technicians. In carpet steam cleaning it normally takes around 4 to 24 hours for complete drying of the carpet. And in carpet dry cleaning the carpet gets totally dry within an hour. It has been noticed that carpet dry cleaning is more effective in removing carpet stains.