Methods to remove a carpet stain using carpet stain removal methods

It is tough to remove the carpet stains using the homemade techniques. Carpets are soft, and there may be traces of coffee, tea, ink and pet urine on the mats. Carpet stain removal service is offered by the professionals to remove the toughest stain.

Explain the homemade methods to remove the stain from the carpets?

The homemade methods to remove the stain from the carpet are:-

  1. Rub the beer on the coffee and stained tea carpet. Repeat the process two-three times until stain is completely removed from the carpet.
  2. Take ammonia to remove stains from the carpet. Let it dry for some time. Repeat the procedure until the stain is completely removed.
  3. Vinegar is the best option to remove the stain from the carpet. Use the one and half teaspoon vinegar and water to remove the toughest stain.
  4. Use the shaving cream if there is a stain due to juice.
  5. Use the borax acid on the stained area. Let it be dry for some time. Use the vacuum to dry the carpet thoroughly. Besides, hydrogen peroxide is also used to remove the stain.

What if the carpet is messed up by your dear pet?

If pets are living in the home which creates a mess on the carpets, the carpet stain removal methods are adopted.

  • Firstly, wear gloves and clean the mess. If the stains on the mat are dried then apply carpet stain cleaning products specially made for pets carpet stain removal given to you after the service of your carpet by Squeaky Clean Carpet professionals.
  • This powder moistens the stain.
  • Try to neutralise the odour and spot using vinegar.
  • Finally, use the vacuum to dry the carpet.
  • Use the deodorizing agent for a fragrant carpet.

Ink stain removal method

Ink stains make the fabrics and carpets damage after some time. Therefore methods referred by the professionals are used to remove the stains from the carpet. In this method, firstly dip the cotton in the isopropyl alcohol and then dab the cotton ball on the stained area. Let it stands for some time and then use the vacuum to remove the excess moisture. If the stain is removed, then it is good. Otherwise, use alcohols and chemical to remove the stain. Perform this test on the rough cloth before using on the carpets.

How to maintain carpets for a long time?

Ensure that wash the carpets after 12 or 18 months using the professional cleaning services. Ensure that regularly use the high power vacuum to clean the carpet daily. Moreover, use the dehumidifier to dry the carpet. It must be moisture free. Use the cleaning solutions having pH value less than ten which removes the detergent after the cleaning process. Double check the carpets to make the carpets new and stain free.

If the stains are still there on the carpet after you tried hard and used all the methods suggested by Squeaky Clean Carpet Team during their last visit, feel free to call us. Our professionals at Squeaky Clean Carpet will make sure that the carpet is cleaned thoroughly and there is nothing which people can call as stain. Carpet stain removal process is a tough one to learn, hence make sure that some things are left only to the professionals as one who is an expert does it the best.