Carpet Repairs Melbourne

Squeaky Clean Carpet repair services in Melbourne are aimed at eradicating the damaged area on your carpet leaving behind very minimal or no evidence at all. When you have remnants hived off from the carpet during installation usually makes the job to be a lot easier. In case you cannot find any remnant then you need to get a small portion or piece of carpet from behind the closet or any other invisible space so as to provide our team with a repair piece.

Squeaky Clean Carpet team of technicians will take the measurements and cut out the needed patch then mend it in record time. The carpet and carpet repair piece are firmly held in place it will be finely pressed to seal the opening. Our experts will apply requisite extra pressure as much as possible all around edges of new piece. After fixing, Squeaky Clean Carpet Melbourne staff will keenly work to have fibers well fitted finely into the surrounding carpet.

Carpet Repair Melbourne

Carpet Repair Melbourne

Immediately after the carpet repair piece has been fitted tightly into the carpet Squeaky Clean Carpet shall trim all the fibers that will appear to be uneven when aligned with surrounding carpet. You will not be able to note any difference because we will have flattened the new section and meticulously trimmed off enough that will make it possible to seamlessly factor the piece into all the adjacent fibers.