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Squeaky Clean Carpet: Most Reputable Professional Carpet Cleaning Company in Perth

If your keep busy and you are struggling to find time to clean your carpets, we are there to clean them for you. Squeaky Clean Carpet is a leading carpet cleaning company in Perth. We are a one-stop destination and cleans your carpets on the go. Know more about us and our services here.

Best Carpet Cleaning Perth

You cannot withstand the appearance of stains on your favorite carpets even for a single second; why not appoint the finest cleaning services in Perth city?

Squeaky Clean Carpet is here to present you with effective and attractive approaches to clean your carpets and remove any sorts of stains, bacteria, and dust that creeps within the carpet fibers.

Eliminate your hesitation and take the advantage of our carpet cleaning assistance:

  • Friendly prices with no hidden charges
  • Professionals and industry grade equipment for cleaning
  • Hazard free cleaning solutions
  • Numerous payment methods
  • Free consultation
  • Polite customer care representatives

We Clean All Types of Carpets

Why replace your carpets when you can get them restored and replaced with us? Squeaky Clean Carpet offers specialized carpet cleaning services in Perth for an array of carpet styles:

  • Cut/twist pile
  • Saxony
  • Plush
  • Frieze
  • Shag pile
  • Loop/berber pile

Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Perth

Carpet Steam Cleaning Service
Carpet Steam Cleaning Service

Clean carpets add a sense of elegance and beauty to your house. Thus, apart from providing a soft ground to walk on they also enhance the overall appearance. Hence, it is always said to keep your carpets cleaned. If cleaning the carpets is not your cup of tea then you can hire experts from Squeaky Clean Carpet. We are professional carpet steam cleaning service providers in Perth. We specialize in providing carpet steam cleaning services. Our services are very famous as we offer effective steam cleaning of the carpets at the most affordable prices.

Carpet Mould Removal Perth

Moulds are usually seen in moist and damp places. This is because mould is a type of fungi that grows when there is moisture present on the surface. Here, if moisture is present in the carpet, it will provide suitable conditions for the moulds to grow. These carpet moulds have many harmful effects on human health. It can cause a number of health issues including breathing problems, asthma, and other respiratory disorders. That is why we offer carpet mould removal services. Hire us for any kind of carpet mould removal in Perth. 

Carpet Hot Water Extraction

Carpet hot water extraction is known as one of the most effective methods of carpet cleaning. This is because it deep cleans the carpet and removes all the dirt and stains from the deeper ends of the carpets. Carpet hot water extraction uses a specialized machine that has a hose to release water at high pressure. This high-pressure water helps to loosen the dirt settled deep inside the carpet. Then the water is extracted along with which all the dirt, dust, stains also come out leaving behind a clean carpet. 

End of Lease Carpet Cleaning Perth

Many times when you are moving out of your house, you are asked to perform end of lease cleaning. This is because most landlords have a rental agreement with their tenants. Hence, we at Squeaky Clean Carpet offer end-of-lease carpet cleaning Perth services. Our services are excellent and worthwhile. We clean your carpets in such a way that they look as neat and clean as new. Our expert carpet cleaners completely renovate the look of your carpets. They perform all the carpet cleaning services to ensure proper cleaning of your carpets is done. 

Carpet Stain Removal Services Perth

If you have kids or pets at home, your carpets are likely to get stained. Stains can occur accidentally or unintentionally. You can not control the staining of the carpet but you can prevent the carpet from getting damaged.  You must attend to the stains immediately to prevent the stain from seeping deep inside the fibers of the carpet and causing a permanent spot. The blotting method is the best when it comes to removing stains. However, if nothing works then immediately make a call to our professionals. They will provide excellent carpet stain removal services in Perth. 

Types of Carpet Stains We Handle In Perth

When it comes to carpet stain removal, our agency is the best. We are capable of handling all kinds of stains that your carpet faces. There are a number of stains that your carpet has to deal with. Out of which some are stubborn while some are easy to remove. With our experience and expertise, our professional carpet stain removers are capable of getting rid of almost all kinds of stains. Some of the stains that we remove are as follows:

  • Blood Stains
  • Grease Stains
  • Red Wine Stains
  • Coffee Stains
  • Slime Stains
  • Chewing Gum Removal

Our Other Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Stain removal: our professionals specialize in removal of stains and smell of tea, coffee, paint, wine, glue, gum, blood urine, feces etc.
  • Stain guarding carpet protection: to protect your carpet from any stains, we guard the carpet and its pile with carpet protectors.
  • Scotch-guard treatment: on request, we provide scotch-guard protection to protect your carpet from any stains.
  • Shampooing and extraction: for dirty carpets, our professionals adopt shampooing method to free the pile from the embedded dirt.
  • Buffing: we use special agitators to buff the carpets that agitate the carpet fibers and remove trapped dirt, bacteria, and moisture after cleaning.
  • Cleaning packages: we have developed special cleaning packages for your periodic carpet cleaning needs. All vary in their prices so you can easily select one according to your budget and need.

Check our Amazing Carpet Cleaning Process

With our comprehensive carpet cleaning services, your carpets shall return back to their original state. Here is a quick glimpse on our comprehensive carpet cleaning process:

  • We start with a detailed examination of the carpets that includes identification of tough spots, monitoring the dirt level and selection of appropriate procedure for cleaning.
  • With the help of strong vacuum cleaner, we remove the top layer of dust and grime.
  • We give a pre-treatment to the tough stains so that their particles swell and get easily removed.
  • We extract out the deeply embedded soil with a suitable method that depends on the carpet.
  • After this, we give a through rinse to the carpet to extract out every inch of the residual cleaning solution.
  • To remove the odors, we apply sanitizers. This step kills the residing bacteria from the carpets as well.
  • In the end, we dry the carpets with help of strong blowers so that they are ready for your use.

Our Carpet Cleaning Methods

Squeaky Clean Carpet uses a range of carpet cleaning methods depending on your carpets:

  • Dry Cleaning: we use this method for materials that are delicate in nature such as wool, decorative antique and easy tearing surfaces. This method dries the carpets quickly since it uses very little water.
  • Steam Cleaning: we use this method only if the carpets are very badly soiled or synthetic by nature. This method is very effective for the removal of stubborn stains and bacteria from the carpets.

Emergency Carpet Flood Water Cleanup Perth

Carpet flooding is the most common yet the worst problem faced by many people. Carpet water damages are worse and carpets in such cases are very difficult to restore. If you have a flood-damaged carpet then we advise you to hire our professionals to restore them as soon as possible. We are always ready with our equipment to provide emergency carpet flood water cleanup services in Perth.

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Perth

Carpet problems can occur at any time. You never know when you would need to clean the carpets. We have a special team of professionals appointed for the same-day carpet cleaning services. They deal with all such same day carpet cleaning needs of our customers. Also, we respond quickly and reach your place on time.

Why Choose Squeaky’s Carpet Cleaning Services In Perth?

Here is why you should choose Squeaky Clean Carpet for all your cleaning requirements:

  • We provide proficient steam cleaning.
  • We provide professional inspection and no obligation quote to meet your requirements
  • Our professionals are very well aware of different carpet cleaning methodologies
  • Our prices for the services and packages are affordable
  • We are reputable and have positive customer reviews.
  • We are reliable and if you want we can also show public liability insurance certificate for your convenience.

So if you are getting your carpets cleaned, talk to us and we shall advise you best and cost-effective method for cleaning.

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Need Faq’s

Can you remove dried blood stains from my carpet?

Yes, we can remove dried blood stains from your carpet. Dried-out blood stains are difficult to remove as they get stuck to the carpet fibers. However, we use advanced methods and equipment that easily get rid of the stain.

What is the best carpet cleaning method?

The best carpet cleaning method that professionals including us swear by is carpet steam cleaning or hot water extraction. It not only removes the dirt and stains but also provides deep cleaning of the carpet in an effective way.

Does carpet cleaning really work?

Yes, why not. Carpet cleaning when done properly with the help of professionals works the best. You need to have the proper knowledge and skills to clean a carpet in an efficient manner.