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Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services in Canberra, ACT

Do you know unclean carpets are an unwanted invitation to all sorts of bacteria, germs, and contaminants? The carpets that are cleaned regularly at home without any professional intervention are also dirty from the inside. Most of the time, you are unable to see the accumulated dirt in your carpets with naked eyes. However, it is still there destroying your carpets from within. Dirty carpets also make the living and working atmosphere unhealthy by attracting various kinds of health issues. We at Squeaky Clean Carpet protect you from all of this by offering the finest range of carpet cleaning solutions at the lowest cost in Canberra.

Come to us for advanced-level domestic carpet cleaning and affordable commercial carpet cleaning services, just anywhere in Canberra. We make your carpets not just clean but more hygienic, brighter, shinier, and softer with our cleaning. Our licensed carpet cleaners use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment for carpet cleaning that adds more years to your precious carpets.

Ignoring your carpets and letting them stay dirty is not cool. Call Squeaky Clean Carpet Canberra today for a free quote!

Carpet Cleaning Services Includes:

Squeaky Clean Carpet Provides The Following Carpet Cleaning Services:

  • Carpet dry cleaning
  • Steam carpet cleaning
  • Carpet mould removal
  • Carpet sanitizing
  • End of lease carpet cleaning
  • Pet stain and odour removal
  • water damage restoration
  • flooded carpet damage restoration
  • Sewage water clean-up
  • Carpet stain treatment
  • Carpet fire damage restoration
  • Fast Carpet Drying

Carpet Water Damage Cleanup

Water damage can also take place by silly mistakes at home. You might leave your tap on, your hot water system might leak, your washing machine could overflow, or there could be a roof leak. Water extraction is one of our specialties and we do it with the utmost professionalism!

How We Do Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning uses a lot of water as it is based on hot water extraction method. Therefore, steam cleaned carpets take more time to get dry in comparison to dry cleaned carpets. However, steam cleaning is a much deeper and more effective cleaning method for heavily stained/too dirty carpets. Here is how we do it:

  1. We inspect the carpet in detail to choose an appropriate cleaning solution.
  2. Pre-vacuum the carpet to remove solid particles.
  3. We work on the stains before starting the cleaning process.
  4. Perform hot water extraction on the carpet.
  5. Set the piles of the carpet to keep it soft and shiny.
  6. We dry the carpets.
  7. Deodorize the carpets.
  8. We finally inspect the carpet again to ensure it’s absolutely clean.

How We Do Carpet Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaned carpets can be used in no time after the cleaning. Very little water is used in this process and thus the drying process is quicker. Here is how we do it:

  1. Inspect the carpet in detail to choose an appropriate cleaning solution.
  2. We pre-vacuum the carpet to remove solid particles.
  3. Wash the carpets using agitation process for deep cleaning.
  4. We perform post-vacuuming of the carpets for better results.
  5. Finally inspect the carpets again to ensure it’s absolutely clean.

We Clean All Carpet Fabrics

Yes, we are equipped to clean all sorts of carpet fabrics including

  • Wool
  • Nylon
  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Acrylic

We first read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and then plan the carpet cleaning process accordingly.

Cost-Effective Commercial Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Worried about the carpets at your office? Relax, we have got you covered. Squeaky Clean Carpet offers affordable commercial carpet cleaning services to help you keep your working decor clean and beautiful. Dirty carpets at the office are a stigma on your reputation. They mar the beauty of the place and are risky for the well-being of your workers too. So take advantage of our cost-effective carpet cleaning solutions designed for commercial clients and stay a step ahead!

Just give us a call and we will ensure your carpets stay stain-free, fresh and hygienic always!

Same Day Services To Fulfill All Your Carpet Cleaning Needs

Need an emergency carpet cleaning today in Canberra? Call Squeaky Clean Carpet. We have a team ready 24×7 to attend to any such emergency carpet cleaning calls. We will reach your place within an hour of your call. What’s more? You don’t need to pay a hefty amount to get your carpet cleaned the same day. Call us to get a free quote!

Canberra’s Local Carpet Cleaning Company

We proudly pronounce ourselves as the best carpet cleaning service provider in Canberra. We are locals of Canberra and have been serving the people here for over 20 years now. Always deliver the best possible results with our carpet cleaning services. Our customers are free to ask for a re-service in case they are not happy with the cleaning. In addition to that,

  • Hire only local experts of carpet cleaning.
  • All our cleaners are licensed and certified.
  • We use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment for best results.
  • Our cleaning processes involve only eco-friendly ingredients.
  • We have special solutions for complete stain removal.
  • Carpet mold removal is also our responsibility.
  • Available 24×7; on weekends & public holidays too.
  • We deliver what we promise.

An exceptional carpet cleaning experience awaits you at Squeaky Clean Carpet Canberra! Come and be astonished! Call us to make an appointment today!

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