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Installing a carpeted floor means incurring a long-term investment for your house. To fetch the best returns on input, it is necessary that the carpet is well-taken care of so that it looks new for a longer period of time. Different fibers and matting are used for making carpets. It is thus necessary to customize your carpet cleaning methods as per the make and feel of your carpet. But, how would you do that? Squeaky Clean Carpet provides professional carpet cleaning in Adelaide. We help you bring your carpet back to its original form and help you restore its quality.

Carpet Stain Removal Services Adelaide

Benefits of Squeaky’s Carpet Cleaning Adelaide Services

Squeaky’s Carpet Cleaning Adelaide offers efficient carpet cleaning services, Adelaide. Our wide range of services makes it easy for you to maintain your carpets. Here is how our services can help you:

  • Our team of professionals knows what they are doing and thus provides time-saving solutions for you.
  • Moreover, proper maintenance of the carpets ensures they have high longevity and good health.
  • Further, our Carpet Cleaning Adelaide services get rid of all kinds of germs and odor from the carpet that can hamper the hygiene of the place.
  • Additionally, our carpet cleaning services are affordable with best results.

Why Choose Our Professional Carpet Cleaners?

It is a long and tedious task to clean carpets at home yourself. This takes a lot of time as well. On the other hand, poorly maintained carpets can not only damage the aesthetics of the room but also make it an unhygienic ambiance. Thus, taking help from professional carpet cleaners would be a rather good idea here. We offer carpet cleaning services, stain removal services, carpet restoration and the likes to suit your needs. Here are some of the benefits of working with us:

Experienced Team

We are a team of professionally trained experts who have years of experience in this field and are thus well suited for the job. They inspect the carpet before starting work on it to analyze the right chemicals and detergents. Besides, with our expertise, we complete the work efficiently and in a short period of time.

Wide Range of Services

We are well-equipped to deal with a number of different tasks and services for maintaining your carpet. For instance, we conduct carpet stain cleaning, carpet stain removal, wine stain removal, carpet flood water extraction, carpet dry cleaning, dog urine cleaning from the carpet, and the likes. So, whatever be your carpet servicing need, you will have us at your service with the best solutions for you.

24×7 Availability

We house a team of local experts. Thus we know your conditions well. We are available all the time for you, whenever you want to reach with emergency carpet cleaning requirements.

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide: Effective Cleaning Process


We follow along an extensive process to clean your carpets, maintain their health and keep them in their original condition. Here is what we do when you entrust us with the responsibility of cleaning your carpet.

Step 1: Pre-inspection

This is an important step in the cleaning process. This is where we identify the carpet, the materials, construction, carpet history, and the presence of permanent stains. The cleaning methods will be taken up accordingly.

Step 2: Pre-vacuum

This step includes the process wherein we remove the dry and loose soil from the carpet. This is important since the loose dirt needs to be removed before the detergents are used on the product. This ensures proper cleaning.

Step 3: Pre-spray

There are certain rigid spot areas present on the carpet. A spray acts as a preconditioning agent and breaks down the dirt and mud. This leads to a more thorough cleaning process.

Step 4: Pre-spot

We make use of certain special cleaning agents to treat the stubborn spots on the carpet. This dissolves the stain and the spot and works on the stained areas to get rid of them. This increases the chances of their removal.

Step 5: Extraction and rinsing

Once the dirt has been removed, we undertake an extraction process to flush the carpet. This is a hot water extraction process where the pressure and heat components are monitored.

Step 6: Neutralizing

In order to ensure the cleaning process does not leave behind any sticky residues, we include a pH neutralizing technique such that the pH of the carpet is well balanced.

Step 7: Post spot treatment

If the cleaning process has left behind some stains on the carpet, we use special spotting techniques.

Step 8: Drying

We make use of high-velocity air movers to dry the carpet after cleaning it.

Step 9: Post cleaning inspection

Our technicians will walk you through the whole process and the results of the cleaning procedure. If you are not happy with the results, you can share your feedback in this phase.

Safe & Natural Carpet Cleaning Treatment Adelaide

Expert Carpet Cleaning Services Adelaide
Expert Carpet Cleaning Services Adelaide

We at Squeaky Clean Carpet, provide carpet repair services, stain treatment, carpet deodorizing and the likes. Our Carpet Cleaning solutions will keep your carpet in good health. But, here are some ideas that can make it better.

  • Disclose details about previous stains on the carpet before the start of work
  • Additionally, remove all breakable furniture including glass pieces from the carpet before we commence
  • Further, let us know if the carpet is sensitive to certain detergents beforehand

Why Choose us?

Here are some reasons why working with us could help you:

  • Affordable services
  • Truck-mounted water extraction technique used
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Wide range of services provided

Have questions? Need to schedule your next appointment with us? Just give us a call and we will solve your queries!

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