Nurturing a pet at home is not a simple task as it seems. Taking care of the pet and maintaining the home altogether takes a lot of energy. Well, pet lovers don’t have much of choices. Though you love your animals, their hair lying on the carpets and things around can be very frustrating. Hence, one of the biggest concerns that bother the pet-owners is “How to remove pet hair from the carpet?” But fret not, you can obviously get rid of pet hair from your carpets with the help of right practices and things present at your home. Let’s get started.

Easy and Unusual Ways For Pet Hair Removal From Carpet

Using Flip Flop Sandals

I know, using flip-flop sandals for pet hair removal sounds absolutely weird, but the fact is, it works! Rubber Flip Flop sandals are stout on the pet hair and effectively remove the hair stuck in the carpet. Instead of wearing sandals on feet, wear them on hands. Yes, you have to do it for the time being, if you want to get rid of pet hair. After wearing the sandals on hands, work them on the carpet by wiping along the pile. This way, the hair present in the Professional Carpet Cleaning Services will get the shape a ball and then can be easily removed using a vacuum cleaner. If the hair gets stuck to sandals, wash them thoroughly with the water.

Using a Balloon

One of the best ways for Carpet Cleaning in case of pet hair removal, a balloon can do the wonders. How? The static charge present on the balloon surface does the work. Inflate the balloon, bring it to the place from where you want to remove hair, rub it across the carpet surface and you are done. You will notice the hair getting attracted to the balloon surface. The static electricity has done the job! Once the hair gets attracted, gather them and repeat the process all over the carpet.

Using the Rubber Gloves

Using the Rubber Gloves and Remove the Dog Hairs in Melbourne

Using the Rubber Gloves and Remove the Dog Hairs in Melbourne

Rubber Gloves, the natural cleaners are another effective way for the pet hair removal from the carpet. They cause no harm to your hand and do a promising job. Wear the gloves and rub them across the  Carpet Cleaning Service. The embedded pet hair will start coming off the carpet and get stick to the gloves. And then immerse your hands in the water, you will see the hair floating. Then, take off the gloves and throw them away.

Using Baking Soda

Another best thing that you can use for pet hair removal from the carpet is baking soda. Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on the carpet and let it set for some time. Then, you have to vacuum the carpets as you regularly do. Baking Soda is also a natural deodorizer and along with removing pet hair, it will create the fresh and rejuvenating environment.

Using Window Squeegee

Window Squeegee is a good option or rather a tool that can remove the pet hair from the carpet very effectively. Wash the squeegee, and start dragging it across the full length and breadth of the carpet. The hair will start coming off, collect them and throw away.

In case, you are too lazy to take the pain of removing the pet hair from your carpet or you have a busy work schedule, taking the professional help is the best option. Squeaky Clean Carpet is your one spot solution for the carpet cleaning service. Our professionals are best at giving the carpet cleaning services and making the clients satisfied. You can call us anytime and get the instant help even in case of emergency.