Flooding of water in your interiors can a big problem for your property as well as for your belongings. Carpets installed in your homes will soak copious amounts of water, this water will cause damage. Dirty water soaked in by the carpet will result in contamination by many dangerous germs, pathogens and parasites. Wet carpets are always at a risk of mould formation. Mould or mildew is a fungus that can affect your wet carpets. It will appear as a  thick black layer on the surface of the carpet. This black mould is very hazardous to human health and any exposure to mould or its spores will lead to diseases and ailments. Some species of mould are even toxic and are proven to be fatal as well. So it is highly advisable that you hire professional carpet cleaning services for Cheap Carpet Flood Damage Restoration in Melbourne as soon as possible to avoid the risk of black mould. In the meantime, you can also take some precautionary measures for avoiding the risk of mould formation. Keep reading below to learn more about prevention from black mould and what steps you can take to avoid it,

Flood Damage Repair
Flood Damage Repair

Steps to Prevent Carpet Mould After Water Damage

  1. Removing Water As Quickly As Possible: –

    It is important to get rid of water first so as to prevent any mould to attack the wet carpet. You can use wet or dry vacuum to clean as much water as possible on time. These devices are very effective in getting rid of water and can be rented from many companies or you can hire professionals for carpet water extraction.
  2. Use Fans to Speed Up the Carpet Drying Process: –

    Although regular ceiling fans can take days to completely dry the carpet still they can provide effective carpet drying results. Keep them running for 24 hours and keep your carpets directly under a running fan. You can also rent high powered industrial fans to speed up the carpet drying process and dry up the carpet very fast.
  3. Use a Dehumidifier to Dry Out The Room: –

    Dehumidifiers are machines that you can use to remove the excess moisture from a room. This will help in maintaining and limiting the amount of moisture in the air and will help in the carpet drying process, Dehumidifying equipment will help in providing dry air that will remove the moisture out from the carpet and floor which will speed up the carpet drying process.
  4. Carpet Steam Cleaning: –

    Hire a professional carpet cleaning service to steam clean the carpet. Carpet steam cleaning is an effective way to not only clean and sanitise the carpet but it will also prevent mould from attacking the wet carpet. Carpet steam cleaning is also advised by experts which helps in maintaining the carpet in good condition and also extends the life of the carpet.
  5. Sanitize Walls and Baseboards: –

    Dirty water that came through flooding will bring along dangerous pathogens and pollen of mould and contaminate your walls, floorings and carpets. You should buy commercial antifungal products and use them to sanitise your walls, floorings and baseboards to further prevent any risk of mould formation.
  6. Check Furniture: –

    Water can also damage the furniture and mould may affect it as well. This mould will spread to your carpet. So it is important to check the furniture for black mould. If you happen to see any signs of black mould for black mould follow mould removal. Carpet mould removal should also need to be carried out in case of carpet being affected by it.
Flood Damage Restoration
Flood Damage Restoration

Who Should You Hire?

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